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Part2 Visiting Salem In October showed me 6 huge secrets about it.

1 And because it’s an axle for all things witchy, you have some of the most dazzling ambiguous stores in the US right at your fingertips.

Instagram: @annacatkopsky

   If you want to reconnoiter Salem’s boutiques make sure that you will spend a full day, taking in the muchness of unique stuffs such us voodoo dolls, sage, and anything else you want. I took pictures from boutiques where I spent most of my money like: Crow Haven Corner and Emporium 32.During my tour I bought a really cool witchy-themed poster as a keepsake.

2 While you’re going in and out of the town’s marvelous boutiques, you’ll see the most unique vendors selling snacks, goodies, and offering Salem-centric picture opps.

Instagram: @annacatkopsky

Some of the best memories from my voyage in Salem were just perusing the little tepees erector in the middle of the avenue. Please enjoy this photo of me as a tarot card. Plus, if you look closely you can notice a dog in a suit above — there were plenty of dogs in fashions to pet, which. It was fun without any dollars for me.

3 Oh, and bring your stretchy pants, because the food in Salem is beyond impressive — and since October is officially spooky season, quite a few places offer creepy-themed modifications to their usual menus.

instagram: @annacatkopsky

   These picture that are above are a photos of places that I visit such us : The Ugly Mug Diner (shootout to the barista who created this pentacle latte art when I asked for something relating to the month’s theme) and Turner’s Seafood, which attained my crayfish roll dreams.

4 The official Witch Trials Memorial is actually a venerable, very respectful appraisement to the victims who were hung as a result of the trials.

Flickr Creative Commons / Dex, Flickr Creative Commons / Elizabethe

When I learned that the Witch Trials Memorial wasn’t a gigantic, gaudy tourist trap, but it was created to make people aware about what really happened to these fatalities I get very surprised. It was a real factor that changed my full foreseeable on the story I’d read in The Crucible years ago. People were waiving blooms and holding mini vigils, and the whole experience was very cool.

5  If you want to visit Salem in October, chartering a car will actually be more of a pain than a convenience.

My visit with my friend to Salem was in the first week in October last year , and stayed outside of Salem. We did not find obstacles to drive on it in Friday afternoon, but Saturday morning was too hard it took 30 minutes to drive a few hunks, because the avenues were so crowded. If you’re staying nearby, ordering an Uber to the outskirts of the heart of town and then walking is probably your best bet, if possible.

6 However, if you have any plans to leave the city center during your stay, renting a car as soon as you book your voyage is the way to go.

   During our stay outside of Salem we suggested to spend one day visiting a pumpkin patch or farm, and another in Boston. So we tried to book a car the day we reached, but we did not find anything at first .Finally after jihad to download a few lease car apps, we managed to find a few choices.

These choices were 40 minutes from Salem, so we had to get an Uber to pick up the lease car. It was so worth car that’s why we suggest returning it to its spot by the end of each night we explored even if it wasn’t ideal, but we made it work.

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